About Us




The Bistro an American and French favorite, as a destination emerged early on in the 1900s as a place to meet, eat, drink and be merry and it was specific to the blue collar and white collar working class of both men and women. The cooking is very simple but flavorful, the portions copious, the wine modest but abundant – the customers, waiters and bartender were all familiar. They are known on first name basis. Bouilla Baisse features an exotic take on the usual bistro menu. Our specialties include home style French and American Fusion menu set in a cozy living room style atmosphere.

While the setting and seating arrangement in our main dining room is the perfect romantic setting for a 1st date or even for your significant other, it is also set up in such a way that you can eat solo without feeling alone. We do this by having several smaller round tables. This is because without having 4 sides like a square table it is not as obvious that you are eating alone when compared to a square table. Many singles tell us they feel comfortable with this type of setup instead of a traditional square table. Most of our customers prefer to come solo and mingle with the small crowd that forms at the bar. Many times singles find themselves meeting an interesting stranger right here in our main dining room. For the other that feel the need to have a date or lovely lady on their arm while they dine we might suggest the services of a professional escort service. One service that has provided many of our customers with some gorgeous female escorts for an exotic evening on the town is this website for NY escorts we have recommended their service to many of our customers and we have only heard great things. The escort service is located in the heart to NYC so naturally they service this part of NY as well. All you have to do is hop on over to their website, browse through all the female escorts profiles and select a few that catch your interest and give them a call. Once your address is confirmed they can have a sexy escort meet you right here at the bar. Most of the time they can have a lady to you in less than 20 minutes. While we prefer our folks meet and introduce themselves right here at our bar we realize that many guys prefer to have the company of a young lady and then use that as a way to meet other ladies. We found both work as we have the perfect setting for men, women and couples right here in the dining room and by our bar. Come on by we have dinner and drink specials 7 nights per week. On the weekends we have a DJ spinning light house music from 11pm-2am.